What's It All About?



‘What’s it all about - Alfie?

Is it just for the moment we live?’


What’s it all about?


Catholics know

That it’s all in a piece of bread

The breaking of and the partaking of

Transubstantiation is a very long word

Can you spell it?

And I’d so love to join them

But bless me, I can’t


Born agains know

As they jump in and out of water

Praising the lord and trying oh so hard

To wet everyone else


Jehovah’s Witnesses know

Knocking on doors with their kids, selling Watch Towers

And oh how well they watch

As the last drops of blood spill from a loved one’s body

Never to be renewed


Jews know

It’s all about kith and skin

Your family, your extended family

And your extended, extended family

Self -preservation, your livelihood, your life, your land

Hang on to it for grim death

And don’t budge an inch


Muslims know

The price to put on a woman’s soul

A camel, an ass, a case of whiskey

Gag them and bind them

With yashmak and burkha blind them

It’s all so fundamentally wrong

But I’d best keep my big, fat, western woman’s mouth shut

In case some one Rushdies off to put a fatwha on me


What’s it all about?


George W Bush knows

It’s black and it’s thick and it’s very unctuous

And it’s not his heart or soul I’m talkin about

Though it could be

It’s not worth dying for

But it’s worth someone else dying for…


Patriots know

As they wave and wear their flags

Proud and secure in their sense of belonging

Please Alistair Burnett,

Let there not be one English man, woman or child

On that coach that plunged off a cliff in Paraguay

‘And did those feet in ancient times

Walk upon English pastures green?’

I rather think not.


Anarchists know

Throw an egg, throw an omelette

Throw a party, throw up

Let em have it, put the boot in

Up the anti

What a riot…


The Klu Klux Clan and the BNP know

It’s all so black and white to them


Separatists know

Basque (I’m not thinking sexy)

Tamil Tigers (Still not sexy)

ETA (mmm ��" now we’re talkin).

They know

Kill a policeman, lob a bomb

‘New’ IRA, Fighters for Freedom!

But what do you do when you’ve got it?

No affect without cause


Hutus and Tutus know

Ditch the spear, grab a knife

Tear unborn child from warm belly

Get a life…


Communists know

That what is yours is mine

As they dig deep into your pockets

Dig deep with ice picks

Into the skulls of those who might just be

Of a different mind


Fascists know

That it’s all in the footwork

The goose step and the frog march

The takers and the took

You put your left arm in

Your left arm out

Peel the skin off a Jew

Then you turn the light out…


What’s it all about?

Thank God, Allah or whoever

Most of us just don’t have a clue

Until we’re dying of course

But I can tell you a man who does

No ��" I can tell you a woman who does


Cilla Black


Lorra lorra laughs

What’s your name and where d’you cum


She knows.


No bible, no Quran, no dead sea scrolls

No constitution

No dib dib dib


Just a heavy script and some great lyrics




‘As far as I can tell

There’s a heaven above Alfie

One where even non-believers

Can believe in

I believe in love, Alfie..'


I’ll let you reach your own conclusion.





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sian howell

Sun 22nd Nov 2009 15:06

Thanks Isobel for your support you are very kind ....I very much appreciate your input and enjoy reading your poems Sian X

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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 19th Nov 2009 12:48

Hi Isobel,

Good to see this get the public airing it so deserves at last. As usual you are provocative, thoughtful, outspoken entertaining (quite tuneful too!) and, (dare I say it?) more than likely entirely right.

By the way, I didn't write this of my own volition - some "God" made me do it; so if anyone objects, blame him/her/them whatever . . .


A.E. x

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sian howell

Thu 19th Nov 2009 12:20

I thought this excellant, cleverly written and your reading gives it even more power and depth. sian X

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Cate Greenlees

Wed 18th Nov 2009 16:20

A deep and encompassing piece of work Isobel. One that is thought provoking and very well written.
Cate xx

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Wed 18th Nov 2009 15:12

Sorry I got interrupted during my last comment. At the heart of most religion is the fact that we should love our neighbour. That real message often seems to get lost in all the ritual and dogma. I do find the issue of the host rather ridiculous. If Christ existed, I am sure that he would be horrified that his last supper should have been lifted and become the source of such division. If he were to come back, I like to think he would do more than overturn a few tables...Rant over.

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Wed 18th Nov 2009 12:35

I'm not really having a go at anybody's God in this poem Dave. My children are being raised catholic - because I believe a faithless society is worse that one with hope in it... I just don't like the divisions that can be caused...

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Dave Bradley

Wed 18th Nov 2009 12:31

Tricky one for me this Izz because I do believe in God. But it's such a well crafted, thoughtful and entertaining poem that all I want to do is praise it. I guess we can both agree that if there's a God He/She isn't the problem, it's people and what we do with religion. x

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Andy N

Wed 18th Nov 2009 08:22

phew! good stuff, isobel.. that's one thats gonna need a few readings! lol - andy x

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Tue 17th Nov 2009 17:09

Couldn't think of anything contrary to say about buddhists - they seem like nice peaceable people - though that could just be my lack of knowledge. Having said that the majority of all races and religions are nice and peaceable - it is just the tiniest minority...and the fact that religion and politics divide us so...
Have no idea why that backward slash has appeared in the title - it won't let me edit it out...
Someone suggested that I should blog this and I obliged since it is my favourite. Apologies if you have heard or read it before on my profile page.
I think our comments crossed Chris - thank you for that - it is one of those poems that mean a lot to me and the first one I wrote when joining the site so it means a lot to have it appreciated by others.

<Deleted User> (7073)

Tue 17th Nov 2009 16:06

You missed Buddhist's out Tunk they know too....... ;-)) X

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Tue 17th Nov 2009 13:18

And we, the artists the poets etc know that they all know nothing. That's why they like to silence truth, any truth that does not fall in with their ideology. ah all truth then?

love to you and thanks for YOUR comments over at mine. Still waiting for the xmas dinner offer. meantime keep writing, inging and smiling. It f- ups the negatons.

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