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I wish

I wish if i could swirl the time to past,
and delete all the shoddy reminiscence, 
Omitting all the rendezvous which hurt later.
Ah I wish and can just wish,
Because I neither have Genie nor Aladdin's lamp. 

If only I could turn back time,
immaculate the errs of the past, 
which tormented me over the years. 
Subtracting all the time when I just daydreamed, 
and added the void with real efforts. 
But Ah! lost time is like the mirage, 
a beautiful dream and the reflection on water, 
That could be just seen, not felt.
But suddenly another thought 
came as a beautiful ray of hope
What if really I corrected the past, 
My present wouldn't be as beautiful as now. 
Because beautiful memories post mistakes will be deleted too. 
May be I wouldn't have learnt to walk,
because I had deleted the time I fell and got hurt.
Or would be so careless to learn
as I can correct them anytime 
just like a spoiled brat. 
I might have deleted the memories of climbing up the trees to get a mango, 
and slipping down while doing so. 
And the memories of bonding with my father, 
while learning how to ride a cycle
as i fell down and broke my chin.
And had missed all such fun
I might not be a strong person,
staying under the impression of myself as a delicate doll.
Yes I did shed tears for the errs of past, 
but it was as worth as polishing diamond,
turning from rough to a polished gem. 
I might not get hurt after using a life corrector.
But I wouldn't be the person I am.

My flaws are glorifying part of mine. 
Just like scars on the moon. 
Life is not a sprint but hurdle race because nobody likes a game without challenges.
Where everyone is fighting there own battle. 
And if you can gift someone in life
be a reason behind their gorgeous smile.

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patrick D Ortiz

Mon 6th Nov 2017 22:04

this is easy "I gift you" always..

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suki spangles

Sat 4th Nov 2017 00:31

Hi Ankita,

Nice meditation on the nature of our past and how it informs our present and who we are. The opening verse is an excellent opening to this piece.

Thanks for sharing.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 3rd Nov 2017 20:14

Many fine thoughts to share. I enjoyed the freedom of expression and the conclusions which you have reached. 'just like scars on the moon' is really good.

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