Roses are pretty rare

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Dark skin like a summer shade,
dressed as he took me on a date.
A Rose's trait is pretty rare.
Blossoming if nursed with great care. 
His Hair, a work of art only I could impair.
He guides me through this foam floor
Feeling his hands down to my core, 
my love galore caused a sudden uproar. 

You shine like the lights in december
Autumn, please take us back to september,
falling leaves is all I remember.
Pouring out inspiration for this love track,
Frienship's turned in to a sex act.
Status quo, performing a 69.
An act defined by the meaning behind,
to give and take, our current state of mind.

Slowly showing tints of tenderness.
Your wanderlust made me more adventurous.
My preference in frame of reference:
flames surging, under the moonshine  
sharing a glass of wine, in China,
dragons would be roaring through the sky.
The whole galaxy covered by red light.
Feeling warm on a cold ass night.


◄ Roaming amongst the giants


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