I Give My Soul to You

Sleeping, dreaming

I see you, soft

Slipping into silken dreams

I lie here with you

I can only hope

That I lie inside of you, too


Can I nestle into your soul?

You already have mine

Do you know

That I would slumber forever

If only to be by your side?


My love, my heart drips gold

And overflows with

The thought of you

If only I could

Lie here like this,

Wrapped up in you,

Until the universe decides

That I must return my energy

To whence it came


Darling, I would

I can never return that energy

Which gives life to my soul-

That energy is no longer

Mine to give

What once was mine

Is so willingly yours

◄ Dancing with the Moon

Genesis- Ch1 (TW and CW: rape, partying, self harm) ►


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Raj Ferds

Tue 26th Sep 2017 07:06

Ooops, what I meant is "The theme is close to my heart since it lifts human bonding..."

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Raj Ferds

Tue 26th Sep 2017 06:51

I love this Kay Li.

The theme is lose to my heart since it lifts human boding and intimacy to a higher plane. I'd like to see some more.
It flows sweetly too. Thank you so much.


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