Dancing with the Moon

Tonight, I enter the wood

The black tar of night envelops me

Winter creeps up my spine

Making its way through my nerves

Freezing at my fingertips


All light is absent now

Save for the glinting of Her yellowed lunar glow

Off the frozen tundra

That crunches beneath

My bare, frostbitten feet


Gazing at the sky, Her light washes over my features

She enters my lungs

She spreads through my blood

I am chilled and enchanted


Shall I dance with Her?

She has already gripped my frail body

With her luminescent fingers

So I give in

To her unconditional light


My Moon, my love, my light

I will waltz with Her into the night sky

Away into the stars

As she lifts me from my frozen feet

Letting me abandon my mortality

I Give My Soul to You ►


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