The hidden pain

If life is as easy

as some make it seem

maybe life will be easy for me.

Days will be sunny and

even nights will seem bright and

people will smile because hey,

rain is alright!

Even the birds will be

singing their tunes after, of courseĀ 

sleeping in until noon.

Evil will have gone by and

don't try to tell me otherwise!

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depressionhidden meaningsuicide awareness month

◄ January 20th 2015


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Makenzie Land

Thu 14th Sep 2017 02:39

The idea behind the poem is that while someone may look fine on the outside, they could be fighting on the inside. Don't be afraid to ask someone if they are okay, and press them a little if you think they're lying. At first glance at this poem you saw something optimistic about life, but if you analyze it you may see that just beyond the surface, there is a hidden meaning

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