You entered my soul

through a hole in my mind. 

A neat little black hole

like the eye of a worm hole; In time.

Then enters your essence

a malevolent presence;

With pernicious,possesive intent. 

With insidious dissection,

parasitic deception,

you undulate, slither and wind. 

Disembodying my soul from my mind. 

With infectious corruption,

avaricious debauchment. 

Your thought devours my mind. 

You coil like a snake, 

constricting with hate. 

A soulless demon;In time. 

Consumed by this fate,

you stare from my face,

with smile of pernicious. 


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Sun 10th Sep 2017 11:25

Thank you Keith for your comments.
Much appreciated.

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keith jeffries

Sun 10th Sep 2017 10:14

Hello Desmond, Thank you for this poem which is so beautifully crafted, rich in its profundity and drawn from a well of experience. Keith

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