That August day

made me pray

for MERCY!


My head was pounding 

like a woodpecker on

a metal roof


Could hardly see

my eyes were strabismic


I reached...


in my disarranged

medicene cabinet


in my dim



pulled out the first

pill box

my quavering hands touched


I squinted my confused eyes

to examine the fine print


It seemed to say Motrin


I swallowed a few pills...


Soon my mind was confused

like a two year old

trying to tie it's shoe laces

while jumping on a pogo stick


My hearing went backwards

like a man who sees a bear

and it's cubs

running straight at him


My sight was upside down

like a trapeze artist

swinging with a monkey

on a banana tree


I started screaming 

like a wild banshee


I heard the door 

swing open


then my husband's voice

came to life


"Wife what have you done?"


I could barely reply

"Took some pills for my head"


He grabbed the pill box

and read




"What the F

a stupid pill?"


"Where did you find these?"


I replied, 

"In the medicene cabinet"


He read the warning label

Can cause:


lack of sentence formation

feeling like you are someone else

and just plain stupidness


So he called 911


They said, "We have had a lot of calls about those pills

tonight. There is an antidote"


"Oh and do this fast because another side effect is

the side effects are contagious."


By Lynn Hahn





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Wed 6th Sep 2017 16:54

Nice bit of fantasy from the cabinet of Dr Caligari perhaps Lynn. Nice light touch for a subject that toys with our feelings somewhat!


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lynn hahn

Wed 6th Sep 2017 16:08

Yeah a bit crazy. My son gave me a poetry assignment book. The assignment was to start with the opening that August Day and make up a medication that does not exist. That is where this came from lol

<Deleted User> (13762)

Wed 6th Sep 2017 08:31

Ha! wasn't sure at all where this one was heading Lynn - I hope I don't catch anything by leaving a comment! Thanks for the smiles. C?L

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