Sleeping bag

1.      Sleeping bag


My Inkjet printer
has run out of ink.
My Laptop battery
has run out of juice.

My sunglasses are broken
keep slipping off my nose.
My bus pass is useless
run out of credit again.

My pockets are empty
apart from a hanky and 63p.
The bank account in the red
no hope there then.

Dread the arrival of the postman
never any good news there.
My trainers have holes in
or soles flapping on their own,

Can't buy 10 fags any more
only 20's, to kill me even more
Socks have holes in - big toes
seen where big toes should never be seen.

Hair growing over my ears
no money for a trim.
CV's sent and ignored
Just no idea why.

No friends to talk of
or any friends to talk to.
T-shirts with armpit stains
despite the ad's they don’t Vanish.

Library books my salvation
free at least, for now.
Want to travel - see new places
can't even afford the bus fare to town.



Stubble on my face - itchy as hell
no money for a razor or some foam.
Suit needs a clean, shoes need a polish.
But, no point for now - no-one needs me looking fine.

I want to scream and shout
yell at the sky.
Why me? Why me?
Well, I suppose, why not me?

At least for now, a roof over my head
good job, no money for a sleeping bag.


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Anna Scanna

Wed 23rd Aug 2017 23:04

This sounds real - I hope it's not.

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