1.      Dirt


Staring down at three fresh mounds of soil

Rain running down the collar of my shirt

Tears gently rolling down across my cheeks

As I stare uncomprehending at the dirt


Three lives gone, taken from me forever

Leaving behind, a shell of a man and a mountain of hurt

Lost in my memories and my inner thoughts

Staring blankly at the freshly turned dirt


I silently whisper my sadness, regrets and say goodbye

Nothing I can do anymore except let my eyes avert

Take in the gloom and heartache surrounding me

At the heart of the cemetery and three new piles of dirt


And so now I return to the empty, soundless, soulless house,

Hear the children laugh and see your loving smile

Wonder, just what am I supposed to do right now.

Act normally? Go to sleep? Get drunk? – I guess it will take a while.


Work are very understanding, the Police are sympathetic

No, not a lead in sight, no evidence of foul play

So, I have to wonder why it all happened at all and I’m still standing

But I know what I saw that day.  Yes, I know exactly what I did that day.


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