Casa Batlló

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From across the crowded passeig

your eye is drawn to the shimmer

of its otherworldly façade,

its bits and bobs of broken tiles

washed by tides of light.


Its carnivalesque balconies

and freewheeling contours

are like the feckless dreams

of those who have no need to prosper

by hard graft or deals.


Incongruous, then, the way

it rises from this city’s

remorseless grid, whose

well-intentioned plan

for quiet parks and walkways


was block by block

subverted, its breathing spaces

squeezed for rent.

Constricted, too, the cautious

lives of those who swept


from room to room

in that luminous ‘house of bones’,

where no expense was stinted

on iron, glass, wood, and stone

shaped to what the mind invented.




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Paul Waring

Mon 21st Aug 2017 14:56

Beautifully crafted David. Gaudí-esque!

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keith jeffries

Mon 21st Aug 2017 12:29

David, A well constructed poem of one of Barcelona´s architectural fantasies and not dissimilar to Sagrada Familia as they shared the same architect. You have described it well. Thank you. Keith

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