Beyond It's Disease

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Photo credit: Diane Aldis

Beyond It's Disease 

It's easier to talk about romance than it is to explore the meaning of love

There are entire industries exploiting the chemistry between magnetized bodies 

drawn to each other and how the games are played 

But love is quite another matter

Simplicity is deceptive; walking in the rain, holding hands, touching lips,

rubbing noses and such

Justifications are raw: birds do it, bees do it, some do it like rabbits do it

Instincts are primal: moaning, cooing, glances of fingers;

their naked tips skimming bare skin

Love is a dance; roaming each other's worlds together,

and assumption of understanding, a suspension of disbelief

A confirmation of mystery we can only glimpse through mysterious fog

Appearing  and disappearing affirming us contradicting us

Heart shaped boxes of chocolates, dozens of brightly colored roses

and glass cutting diamonds express more of opulence than love

Love is quiet and considerate,  subtle and reliable, present without grandeur in the most ordinary moments 

Love is what we do when no one is paying attention and the beloved may be miles away 

But it's presence looms like the welkin and the sea

We navigate meetings at the crossroads, at intersections,

and at junctions aviating in midair because we long to share stories 

with someone

We long to dream with someone

We long to be in deep with someone

With someone else

Or is it that we long to be complete, an integration of our dream worlds with our story worlds

into one world?

One world that holds two

We don't know what love is but we believe until it comes

We don't know what love is but we lust for it like liberation

True lovers, true rebels embroiled in passion between polemics

True rebels, true lovers sweating normal like a fever getting beyond it's disease

Beyond its disease is a new cosmology – new ways to roam through each other's worlds together

less estranged more excepting of differences that won't dissolve

Two souls unassimilated  

yet integrated

Two souls on separate journeys together improvising on interplay, to New Jerusalem 

New Jerusalem

◄ Music Formerly Known As Jazz


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keith jeffries

Fri 18th Aug 2017 21:02

Thank you for this beautiful composition and in particular the line, ¨ Love is quiet and considerate, subtle and reliable, present without grandeur in a most ordinary moment ¨. It shows maturity of thought and emotion. Thank you indeed. Keith

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