What Color Do You Feel Like Today?


I feel like the color Blue. 


It seems like every day, 

I feel like the color Blue. 


You may ask, 

how do you know 

what Blue feels like? 


It's when you're sitting alone 

in the Blue room 

of your one bedroom apartment 

contemplating your whole existence. 


Blue is when 

you don’t feel good about yourself, 

when you don’t  

feel like you're enough 

even though the button on your backpack 

says you are. 


It's like feeling the cold winter wind 

blow against your skin, 

but being too numb 

to everything 

to even notice or give a shit. 


Blue is being too 

absent minded 

to hear the sweet words 

your boyfriend speaks. 


It's when you cant' seem to turn 

all those thoughts in your mind 



Blue is not being okay 

yet acting like you’re a damn happy fool 

like you’re the happiest 

you've ever been. 


And Blue 

won't ever 

leave my side.



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 9th Jul 2017 11:45

Look up. The beauty of the sky may lend a whole new slant on 'blue'. The sky really doesn't encourage self-internalisation; and it opens whole new vistas of self-worth.

You have shared deep feelings honestly. 'the button on your backpack' is terrific; shows a real sense of humour about yourself. If you have such self- humour, you can conquer anything. Write a lot.

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