The Gathering of Forces

Do not mistake silence or stillness

for acquiescence

You see the shell of the egg

waiting to hatch

Trust me

This is not submission

Not all protests are noisy affairs

and there's no shame in

protecting yourself

​​​Trust me

Do not presume I'm no threat

There is power in being


Trust me

When language does not fit

When tradition is a disconnected farce

When systems fail

as they were always meant to

There is another way

and it begins

in silence

with stillness

Trust me


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Raj Ferds

Mon 12th Jun 2017 10:25

Lan I love this. So powerful. Trust me.

I love it because it is so so Zen. Ponder on this:
"It is the silence between notes that makes the music, it is the spaces between bars that cages the tiger."

I always believe that stillness is a source of great strength.
In fact I believe silence brings out all the splendours within us and through that silence our dance begins!!!

Some more pleeeease!

Be blessed.

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