On Waking

On Waking



I sit at my wheel and spin

no spindle draws my blood

older now

no briar rose protected me from time

already awake

no prince prepares to bind me with a kiss


my broom stands idle in a dusty corner

I have swept out the dark places

found trembling spiders and clinging webs

beneath lifetimes of sleep


now the wheel turns at my command

my foot upon the treadle tells the pace

to love me is to trace my steps

through dark and resonant caves

no man will ever find me there

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 20th May 2017 09:04

Lovely lush language, a deep sense of experience and truth is conveyed here Karen.

There is also an element of contentment, almost stripped naked....here I am with all my life lived, take me or not.

As I said the language flows and is so easy to read.

Waking moments bring some of our best ideas I think.


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