tripping over spilling

fumbles of mispoken

careless words--

the Elysian field littered

with sticks of stripped

wood that stand out

like bone-white teeth

having fallen within

a sea that moves swaying

with the whispers of the wind.


some strong branches

jut still standing dead

amongst the trees


some mere twigs and thistle

woven into brush and loam


--scattered to the quick like

capillaries bled dry by prick and thorn.



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Sun 21st May 2017 03:28

Dear Suki..such a smart guy...

You bring up a great point. What stands as glory for the masses is often the very destruction of those who have stood vulnerable for their sake or simply in their stead.

And, we should forget neither the power of language nor the ability to subvert will always remain a valuable tool and/or weapon to anyone who is able to wield it effectively.


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suki spangles

Sun 21st May 2017 01:21

Hi Rachel,

The Elysian Fields aspect also made me think of the bitter-sweet nature of hero-worship and how the Powers That Be often use it for their own ends. For example, the way politicians use Help For Heroes as a platform for their Newspeak.

Very imagistic too!


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Sat 20th May 2017 00:44

Hey, Ray...

I was reading a sort of proverb by a poet (or his mother) that Stu suggested I have a look at and it went something like this--

"even sweet can scratch the throat--be sure to stir the sugar well."

Anyway--that's the gist of it and it's along the same line as what I wanted to say.

Thanks, Ray--and you too, Colin.


btw--the poet is Ocean Vuong and he writes some excellent stuff.

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Thu 18th May 2017 21:18

a surreal scene conjured up out of the matchwood of dreamscapes - very interesting imagery and with your usual opening into worlds of interpretation Rachel.
A fine read indeed.


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