ABC Poem About Ebonaya

Ambitious chick from Harlem.

Badass at what she does best.

Clingy to her craft.

Don’t judge her until you get to know her first.

Eager to find out more about life.

Fighting for her name to be out there in the poetry world.

Geared up to make everyone remember her name.

Humble to have her day 1 people by her side.

Impatient to see a show, she wanna be apart of that show.

Judgement helps her pick out her true friends.

Kind, but at the same time she’s a deadly poet.

Labeled as a lunatic, she’s not surprised by this.

Majoring in performing arts, and surviving out here.

Nobel peace prize is her desire to achieve.

Outspoken is pretty much the best thing she have.

Pedal to the dam metal, she live by that motto.

Queen of bringing her poems to life.

Realizing that she have what it takes to outlast everyone on this planet.

Sassy is her alter ego.

Thirsty to speak her mind cause she don’t like being silenced by anyone.

Unfiltered to keep her thoughts in her unstable mind.

Venom lives in her skin, she’s ready to poison people who stands in her way.

Willing to negotiate a deal that doesn’t require her to “come out of character.”

X factor isn’t ready for her deadly poems.

Yelling to the top of her lungs so people can hear her.

Zipping up my jacket, cause I’m finished eating my prey. On to the next one!

© ebonaya smallwood 4/24/17

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