The election of 2016

The killer shark trying to take over the ocean floor...
Don’t we feel like we’re being ripped apart

like animals in a slaughter house?
Everyone hates us now!
People are asking Canada, Europe, South America,

Africa, and Asia to take them in.
Now everyone thinks we’re a disgrace because

the killer shark took over the ocean floor.
He also wants to make us white,

so only white people can date us.
Who said we wanna be white?
We wanna be diverse… So everyone can date us,
So everyone can live with us,
so everyone have equal rights

because we’re the land of opportunity.
If it wasn't for black people,
We would still be a flat piece of land.
If it wasn't for immigrants,
we would still be a flat piece of land.
Why can't people see that we’re already great?
We just wanna be unique and strong again, not dictated

By the killer shark and his “Millionaire Cabinet”.
Honestly, the mermaid and her “honestly cabinet”

could have represented us better than this killer shark’s destruction.

Hope we can find someone to run the ocean floor we call America.

© Ebonaya Smallwood 5/8/17

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