The Horrible Forest

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There is a forest I do not like

You may not like it either

A forest far larger than any other.


No trick of words or meaning is employed here

It’s a real forest made of real trees

It has more trees than any other single forest.


A forest that stretches beyond every horizon

Vast is its cloak, prolific in the extreme

A forest unplanned, uncultivated, growing unchecked.


Its trees steal the light from millions of homes

A leafy screen across every cherished belvedere

Yet no one seems to lift a hand or care a jot.


A forest of little beauty, just a scrubby dark tangle

A barrier to all mankind, a fence to all free spirits

Of thorns, barbed branches and razor coarse bark.


A forest so large you cannot escape it

A forest that harbours all kinds of life and secret ills

Spreadings insidiously ignoring all boundaries.


You may think it only a wood, the bit you see

Yet its sylvan mantle never ends, reaching everywhere

Wearying a million miles for passer byes.


No majestic forest this with noble trees

Just scrub and brush and wilded birch

A forest un-named, unloved, untamed.


A dingy grey green hedge that creeps beside

Every river, road and railway in the land

Creating a uniform dull monotonous corridor.


For the jaded traveller to gaze upon.

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Roy Chetham

Sat 27th May 2017 20:45

On re-reading this piece in presenting it to friends I have made some minor refinements.

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keith jeffries

Sat 29th Apr 2017 23:31

Hello Roy,
Thank you for this fascinating piece of verse. It is beautifully profound and requires several readings. It has a quality that challenges the reader to form his or her own conclusions on the nature of the forest. A real achievement. Thanks again. Keith

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