shedding light where angels fear to tread

mottled shades of dark

tossed carelessly

recklessly desperately

against a background of black


look light in a dim sky

illuminated only from below...


fierce voices drown

among the self-absorbed


while the whining drone

of earthbound souls


hums to the sound

of raging waters rising


and to the beat

of war's coming drums.

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Tue 25th Apr 2017 22:33

Hey to the both of you, Suki and Stu,

It's a little off subject, but I'm very glad to have people read what I write these days. I truly never thought that I would become this comfortable posting it. And, it doesn't hurt that, much of the time, people get out of it just exactly the meaning I put into it.

Suki, you make a great point--the business of money-making seems to be the precise reason for perpetual war. While the media plays on our emotions to make the issues at hand seem much in black-and-white to the public perception, I've no doubt that quite sinister forces are being actively veiled. The interplay between entities (media, government, corporate) for control over how we think and what we do is very effective in making the greater percentage of us to work as cogs in an engineered machine. You've only to look at what happens to those who dissent to know that to be a truth. Hell, you don't even need to dissent--you only need to call it for what it is to be paid a visit by the character assassins.

Anyhow, before someone calls me "crazy" (again), thanks to the both of you for commenting and the opportunity for discussion--I find it very stimulating.


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Stu Buck

Mon 24th Apr 2017 16:37

love this elP and the title is enough to warrant praise. a real sense of loneliness, insignificance.

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suki spangles

Mon 24th Apr 2017 05:10

Hi elP,

Let's also remember war is fabulous business. I don't know whether it is true to say that every war is a banker's war, but very few angels tread there, 'tis true..

I almost wonder whether some at the top want the worst to happen - almost like a collective dark will. Really at the moment I have this feeling of unease that one stupid mistake could kick off the final act. Your poem couldn't be more timely..


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Sun 23rd Apr 2017 14:22

Good morning David, Keith, and Emer,

I was just thinking last evening that, even if there were a thinktank somewhere that carefully drew up remedies to all the world's woes, we, as a race, would not implement them if they meant applying even the very least amount of self-sacrifice to our daily routines and the conveniences we've come so ridiculously dependent upon.

I'm constantly very disappointed in us. But, I still manage to find joy in many little things. Thanks, to each of you, for reading.


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keith jeffries

Fri 21st Apr 2017 18:17

Señor, A profound truth is spoken here which you have succinctly encapsulated. How many hear the death knell ring? Thank you. Keith

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 21st Apr 2017 14:34

Hi elP,

you're most likely right, very few are listening to the right voices and those that are speaking up are being drowned out.

Every generation feels like this, that they are living in desperate times, but I suppose occasionally the worst actually happens, lets hope not.


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