As time flew by

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Oh, those  merry childhood days                      

when I would wake up;                                    

only to the gentle kiss of the sun rays.      

Alas, they had flown by to replace those;      

with days, when I would wake up                      

to nightmares of an unfinished race.

I remember those carefree days;                

when I would just toss and turn on my bed

until the morning breeze;                            

gently pushing past the frilly curtains                

would nudge me to get on the run.


How tempting was that cuckoo's calling;      

Oh, but now I wake up to the alarm ringing.  

No longer do the sun rays fall upon my skin;

as it fail to make its way,                          

through the concrete forest every morning.


Oh, time has flown by;                                          

I cannot fail and I cannot cry.                              

I must be on the run all the time.


But, I have paused for a bit now;                    

and I might fall behind in the crowd.                  

I take a few hastened steps                              

in fear of losing the game, but all in vain;          

I keep getting dragged,                                   

back to the memory lane.


I see those frolicsome childhood days.      

Oh, how I loved the rain back then;                            

I wonder why I now don't enjoy it the same.


I remember, the stupid ideas;                        

that would bud in my head,                                

of how it must have happened to rain.        

And now I know, what a fool I had always been.


Those cheerful days,                                              

I have just raced past them;                            

Yet I keep looking back.




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aparajita das

Fri 21st Apr 2017 14:26

Thank you.

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keith jeffries

Fri 21st Apr 2017 14:14

I love the balance between past and present. Thanks. Keith

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