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My thoughts on paper hour after hour

When I lie in bed or in the shower

I do it all so you can glower

I'm the insignificant Poet


I stand up here and on my own

Hearing every sigh and groan

Whilst you sit and play on your mobile phone

I'm the insignificant Poet


I write it daily, profound and deep

Words to make you laugh or weep

Inspired whilst you were fast asleep

I'm the insignificant Poet


Behind the mic' and heard not seen

You sit there with your magazine

Don't you think it's pretty mean?

I'm the insignificant Poet


Poetic licence, humble lad

Kind of thoughtful, slightly mad

Watching you on your I-pad

I'm the insignificant Poet


Sweating on pronunciation

Working on annunciation

The spoken word is my salvation

I'm the insignificant Poet


Pleasing you is all I'm yearning

Up all night, these verses, learning

Wasted effort, I see you spurning

I'm the insignificant Poet


I'll never be a big sensation

I don't want a full standing ovation

Just some respect for my creation

I'm the insignificant Poet


You may have travelled near or far

On your bike, by bus or car

The spoken word is my guitar

I'm the insignificant Poet


(C) Daniel Dwyran

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john short

Tue 18th Apr 2017 14:19

Hi Daniel, well in my experience this is not the case. At all the poetry gigs I've been to, people give their full attention and it's the norm to turn mobiles off. If people behaved like this I think I'd change venues.

Regards John S

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kJ Walker

Sat 8th Apr 2017 07:38

Sorry Daniel, but I'm just not having that. I've been reading through some of your stuff, and I'm sure that when you take to the mic people put their mobiles down and listen.
Another good 'un, albeit too modest.

Cheers Kevin.

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