This Book Is Bound In Leather And Writ In Blood

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This Book Is Bound In Leather And Writ In Blood


this book

leather bound

once soft skin cover

now weathered and beaten

into cracked and ancient hide

that smells of cedar wood


once tightly bound

now coming apart

at the seams

its pages yellowing with age

some dog-eared

well worn

with a tracing finger

on the memories


stuck together

with sweat and tears

and blood and semen

that scream

as you prise them apart


pencil notes

in the margin

explaining some

of the unexplainable

pain and sadness


this page

the last

until a new one is born

on a hopeful tomorrow


the ink

black as midnight thoughts

and the white spaces

between the words

as important

as the marks upon it


in the crease

the spine

where page meets binding

grains of sand

sea water splashes

soft strands of hair

the faint tang of alcohol


some stumbling comments

in prologue

on how he came to be here

and an epilogue

an afterword

that hints

at what he leaves behind


the ancient nib

scratches a life

accentuates a mood

slaughters a thought

digging and scraping

a brief history

of one man

one place in time

one sun

with all the crazy planets

orbiting for warmth


and when the story

ebbs away

and the book is closed

it is taken to a library

of countless volumes

each preserved


and whether hero

or villain

happy or sad

comedic or tragic

it sits and gathers dust

like all the other volumes

gone before

and all those

yet to come

recording a lifelibrary of heavendeedsdiarybiographya life

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 4th Apr 2017 17:44

A very fine read, Ian, well thought, and well-crafted.

Would you consider, given the density and intensity of the subject, bringing some lines into closer association? I found it hard to keep a straight line of intent as I was constantly sliding downhill, so to speak. I realize it would look a bit 'prosy' but that's not a sin after all. Just a thought.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 3rd Apr 2017 13:34

An absorbing literary analogy - the book of life itself.
All things age and in some - but not all - instances may
be preserved for consideration by future generations.

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