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Verses and Flow" features spoken-word and musical performances from poets and R&B singers that are anchored in contemporary cultural, political and social topics. It evokes a unique experience deeply rooted to the soul. Each episode features accomplished, thought-provoking poets and amazing live R&B musical performances. 

I watch this show because not only I can learn how to make my poems more powerful, I can also watch the poets who came before me... Perform their new poems. I wanna be just like them poets on the show when I grow up! Actually, I wanna be one on "Verses And Flow" one day, I can't wait till that day happen!

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This is my favorite poet... Miles Hodges, I met him twice! He's the most talented poet out there! He don't sugarcoat anything, he uses his poems to tell it how it is. I have so many favorite poems from this man, but i would have to say my favorite poem from him is: Harlem because he talks about Harlem in his POV!!!! I wish he was my mentor... I would learn so much from him to be at his level of poetry "By any means necessary, as Mr. Malcolm would say."- Miles Hodges

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My favorite artist who performed her songs, and poems on this show is the "Lady Of Soul" herself: Jill Scott! The main reason why I love Jill Scott because I wanna be a strong powerful poet like her when I grow up, honestly, I wish she was my mentor as well becasue she can teach me how to make my poems soulful like hers. "Being whatever they wanted me to be whenever they wanted me to be it."- Jill Scott.

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This is my favorite host of the show: Omari Hardwick... He's the best host ever, check him out in season 2 of Verses and Flow!

This is a MUST WATCH for any upcoming poets who wanna learn how poetry works... Trust me, I watched it, It's the best poetry show out there (besides Def Poetry Jam, I love that show to)! CHECK IT OUT, then let me know how you like the show. (If you can't find it on tv, go on Youtube, type "Verses and Flow", and watch any video!)


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