Unsolicited (1968 - 2017)

You’re Not Allowed


to cry,

in here,

this room, this bar,

a pint, on deck,

to fight or sulk,

or answer back;

to join the local snooker team,

to bare your legs

or armpit hair,

express yourself

or sleep around,

to shout or swear,

to wear short skirts,

to wear short hair,


grow it, tie it, perm it, dye it, never cut it short;


to be the boss,

come more than once,

to suit yourself,

to wank, to sweat,

to smell or fart,

to bleed,

release a stream of pee

outside of

chambered secrecy,

be clever, proud,

sarcastic, LOUD,

tell dirty jokes or pick your nose.


That’s not very ladylike!


To flirt, to age,

to speak your mind,

to even show your knicker line;

bring up a child

all on your own,

expose your breasts,

express your milk

so publicly,

to smoke, get drunk,

get up the duff

without a band of gold.


Single mothers are to blame for all the world’s depravity.





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Laura Taylor

Thu 9th Mar 2017 14:30

Thanks very much all, glad you enjoyed it 😃

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Wed 8th Mar 2017 23:16

Brilliant 😁

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Wed 8th Mar 2017 22:10

Lovely to read the words of someone not brainwashed by the status quo and the mindlessness of received "wisdom."

Refreshing Laura. x


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suki spangles

Wed 8th Mar 2017 15:50

Great poem, Laura. And I agree with David. Happy International Women's day.


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Paul Waring

Wed 8th Mar 2017 15:03

Brilliant writing Laura, what a gem of a poem this is. I haven't seen it before so I'm glad you posted it today. And Happy International Women's Day.


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Laura Taylor

Wed 8th Mar 2017 13:15

Thanks Martin, Freda and Cynth 😃

Cynth - interesting question. I wasn't aware of my gender until I kept being told how to behave, how to BE, and NOT being allowed to do the things that I either wanted to, or that just came naturally to me. I remember as a teenager reaching a point of absolute boiling fury and frustration - that all of this was simply down to me living inside a woman's body! The injustice of it set me alight, and continues to do so.

Cheers all! Good to use anger constructively 😃

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 8th Mar 2017 12:20

You are such a sweetheart - like a ladybug on a pin. A superb poem.

I often wonder how much we women are, or have been, emotionally, mentally, and physically crushed, and what we lay on ourselves, as we struggle to 'sort out' society. One thing is for sure, religious teaching of many backgrounds has wielded a heavy stick, virtually all of them male dominated, and dominating - mind control.

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Freda Davis

Wed 8th Mar 2017 11:23

Brilliant Laura- story of my life.

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Martin Elder

Wed 8th Mar 2017 09:40

I know I have heard this one before , But it is such a great poem and just right for International Women's day.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 8th Mar 2017 09:27

Thank you David! 😃 It's an old poem but worth repeating I think 😉 All of it taken from my own life. Cheers again 😃

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 8th Mar 2017 09:17

If women aren't worth celebrating, nothing is FFS.

Great poem Laura.

Happy international Women's day.


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Laura Taylor

Wed 8th Mar 2017 09:11

Happy International Women's Day!!

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