The Path Of White Blossom

T'was early midnight & he was still up for more fun,

so he went scattering his white blossom on the run,

And as he streaked off down the long drive

the air did seem to be quite bright and alive

as the street lamps lit up that quite comic scene

like a film of some old timer's fantasy dream…


Not that he once noticed the trailing spread

of all those white flakes from his empty head

as the wind simply blew them all behind

while he had other stuff on his mind

like sipping Malibu down on the beach

with his dearest love always within reach…


And though she was on her way there too

sad to say she had now lost her view

of the roadway that was somewhere up ahead,

behind those flakes that her old man shed

and she ran into some other poor guy

as he stopped to rub white stuff from his eye…


Bruce Willis was the other man,

whose tears so very seldom ran

yet with her knee in his inner thigh

and that mean white grit stuck in his eye

he was soon right down on the ground

making such an awful shrieking sound…


But in a moment she fell down over him

where she started to chortle and to grin

so even while he was still half blind

her laughter he could only find

was so infectious he just had to join

despite that deep pain in his groin…


I dare not relate the rest of it here

for his words became far too blue I fear

as that first man on the run soon found

when he turned towards their tipsy sound

for distracted he ran into a broad oak tree

which badly bruised his poor old knee...





August 31st 2013


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