A Call To Peace

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Let's unite in peace and make a plan:
a wily plan of mutual respect
to counteract the hatred in this man.
Let's do everything he won't expect!

We won't let goads and bigotry divide us
- let's evoke what World War II has taught us.
Don't let's patronise - let women guide us
when he slights our mothers, sisters, daughters.

And when he flays the vulnerable with derision 
let's answer back by lauding them as heroes.
If he wrecks the climate with emissions 
let's respond by cutting ours to zero.

He's called for war so let's take off the gloves
and let's fight hate with cannonades of love!




I'll be reading this sonnet, and probably "President Trump Has Control Of The Nuclear Trigger" (see my previous entry on this blog) at an anti-racism/anti-Trump rally in Otley, West Yorkshire, tomorrow Saturday 4th February. It's in the Market Square from 6-7pm.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Sat 4th Feb 2017 15:47

Full of worthy ideas... well written. Good luck with the rally.

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