First poem in ages, playing about with a vowel trick


I'm trying t' find my ID.
I think I'm missing it.
This thing,
This bright, shining light,
It's hiding in my blindsight.
I'm swimming in mist,
Trying t' find ... "I"

First I'm living
In my crib;
Clinging wrists.

Flitting my crib, 
I'm Shy
Crying, whiny twit, missing bitty,
With stinky kids, kicking kitty.

I'm missing my crib.

I'm piling thinking bricks with big kids.
Slimy, smirking shits hiss 'n' spit.
I'm sitting still in ill-fitting shirts,
shirking sight.
Hiding might blind shitty kids crying, "It's billy!!! Skinny shit!!" 'n' smiling in fits.
 "Try finding kind kids x"
Finding "whys" in rising minds.
My mind grinds.
I'm kicking tins, spilling drinks.
Sitting in IT, 
Sir chillingly insists "it isn't "fly" spilling drinks! "Shy" brings skills. "Why" brings ills."
I'm still shy.
This crib's tiny.
Tiny minds, blind by bling.
Fit chicks with big tits,
Thick pricks thinking with dicks.
I flit this Brit shit.
Brisk flight,
I find "I"
Simply shimmying "ir(o)n lik(e) li(o)n in zi(o)n".

In Brit, I'm still shilling it,
Finding thrill in it,
Hiding 'til it lifts.
I'm brisk fixing it,
I'm hiding in drinks,
Finishing in clink.
Trying things,
High by night,
Slinking by, finding light.
Thinking "this is it!! I'm in!"
Tricky light. Light trick. Sight trick. 
Lying in my mind
It's still shit.

Is it?

His birth...
This child is my kid!
This brill kid!
I'M in this kid!
Big grin :D

First kid is big kid, 
Mid kid is silly kid, 
Quickly hitch my Miss.
Third kid. This kid, this girl is my girl.
Brill kids!

I bring my bling by flipping kids thinking bricks;
Fixing bits in thinking ink;
I'm finding it stinks.
Kids drink slick skills.
My mind chills with mind filling drills.
Kids grinding, crying spills -
"Sir, it's shit innit?
With missing mining, missing mills,
Im plying skills by filing bills."

I'm plying skills with mind pills.

Mrs "I" is criticising my id 
Im minding my Ps n Qs
Biting my lip
Fists tight, shifting slightly
Slinking nightly
This is shit
Hit slight hitch
Hit BIG hitch
"'kin bitch!"
I finish with my Mrs

Kids split 'twixt cribs.
Kids trips fix splits.
Kiss lips xxx,
"Night night x"
Click light.
Right, "night!"

I'm hiding my ills in girls.
IT pimps, swiping right.
Primp pimp.
Minging swill.
Fit chick.
Swift flirt.
Flirt, kiss, flirt, kiss.
Big dick.
Tight slit.
Milky spit.
Wiping dick.
Hiding dirty sight in mind,
I find it sticks.

I drift

Stick tight
Fighting my plight
"It's 'right"

Missing my crib
I'm finding my mind
Sticking with it
Fighting silly flirting shit
Try finding inspiring sights
My kids
My crib
My Inking
My Writing
My mind
My eye

I'm kind

I'm "I"

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Matthew James

Tue 10th Jan 2017 18:33

Cheers mate! Good to be back! Hopefully the first of many!

<Deleted User> (13762)

Mon 9th Jan 2017 14:34

'bout bloody time too lad, bin missin' yer ? welcome back!

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