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Travel Notes

White beaches and bent Palm trees,

Bath warm water and hot sand,

Ice cold beer, the scent of blossom,

The sound of fire lit live bands.


Humidity and waterfalls,

A Milkworm eaten from a leaf,

The mud, the rain, the cramp, the sweat,

The view from at the peak.


18 hour coach journeys,

The illness and the sick,

Your shuttle bus is a dump truck, and

Your camera has been nicked.


The Dreadlocks and the Top Knots,

Ubiquitous travel tatts,

T.W’s and the Partyers

The oversized sunhats.


Pagodas, temples, culture!

Sights and sounds and smell.

But a small part of what I have yet to see,

A snippet of the story yet to tell.


◄ The Little Voice

Panic in the Paddock ►


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Stuart Bright

Thu 5th Jan 2017 05:39

I've been sitting here contemplating my next travel adventure - a destination as yet undecided - and thought i'd throw down some memories from my last trip. It's got a bit from all times of the travel - 6 months in all; the highs, lows, people you meet, things you see. I'm sure that anyone who has ever been backpacking can relate to at least some of these experiences. I have a lot of travel memories, perhaps ill build on this in the future.

Oh, and T.W stands for Travel Wanker - these are the guys who has travelled better, further, harder, and more authentically than you can ever even imagine attempting to try. They love a good story top, and usually come equipped with a locally made head scarf, Buddhist tattoo and an ankle bracelet made from coconut husks and sea shells.

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