The Little Voice

Shhh!  Sit quietly and you will hear,

That little voice inside your head.

Whispering advice into your inner ear,

Giving voice to things you should have said.


And patiently this master of hindsight works,

The perfect retort 10 minutes too late,

Or another perspective to someone you’ve hurt.

A decisive point to put to bed the debate.


And yet he holds back, preferring to sit

behind the protection of your cat-caught tongue,

This brave warrior waits sharpening his rapier wit,

To give voice in the battle, once the battle is won.


voicein your headtalking to yourselfhindsight

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Stuart Bright

Wed 4th Jan 2017 11:49

Hi Paul and Cynthia, I'm glad you liked it, I felt it was a feeling we could all relate to and enjoyed writing this one! Thanks for your comments, they're appreciated.?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 4th Jan 2017 11:27

Love the universal theme, and the skill in its presentation. I'll try to catch up with more of your work.

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Paul Waring

Wed 4th Jan 2017 10:21

Hi Stuart, you have captured so well the frustration of tongues missing the moment and us suffering mocking "should have said" thoughts later! I enjoyed the other two pieces you posted too. Thanks for sharing them. Paul

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Stuart Bright

Wed 4th Jan 2017 08:29

Thanks so much for your comments, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Hazel ettridge

Wed 4th Jan 2017 06:48

Read a couple of your delightful poems. Honest and unpretentious. Thankyou.

Gideon Puccio

Wed 4th Jan 2017 06:32

Ain't this the truth! I am no strange to that voice among a cast of many others in my head either. Great poem!

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Stuart Bright

Wed 4th Jan 2017 06:29

OK, we've all been there. Usually as you lie sleeplessly in bed running over and over an argument/conversation/discussion - whatever in your head and you're coming out with killer arguments and quips which would have slain......if it wasn't 5 hours too late.

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