A maverick seen mentally sick

Parking his car
By the gate of a hospital
A man got into a bar,
From an eye-shot  
Not far!

After a thief unfastened
The 4 bolts of a tyre,
The sale of which
Helps him make his day,
Seeing the owner
With the four bolts
He ran away.

Stranded, the owner
Was forced there  to stay
At a loss what to do
And  say!

"If you take  a bolt
A tyre from the
Remaining three,
With three bolts each
All the tyres will agree
To allow the car move free!"
Advised him a man tall
Who with patients'
Pajama sat
On the hospital's wall
Observing all.

Doing so
Thankful the driver
Managed home to go!

On the morrow,
Taken by surprise
He wanted
That mentally sick
To speak.

Going to the hospital
"Tell me pal
With such intuition
How come
You join this hospital?"

"My friend,
If you deviate
From the normal
You are abnormal,
It is the likes of you,
The mentally sick,
That stranded me here
a maverick!"

Deviants like poets could be seen abnormal

#mentalhealth   #deviant   #maveric  


◄ The Christmas Guest/By Helen Stiner Rice/ የ ገና እንግዳ/Translation in Amharic Alem Hailu G/Kristos

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Tue 27th Dec 2016 15:08

"His poems are replete with yarns and he loves to tell one" is what my instructor of literature Dr Akalu Getaneh once wrote a blurb for my book.Your remark is in the same wavelength.Thank you.

On www.allpoetry someone suggested the replacement of the second stanza by

// The thief unfastened
Four bolts of a tyre
The salesday
Got chastened
On owners sight
He ran away.//

As natives to the language I want readers take on the matter!

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Mon 26th Dec 2016 20:18

I really the idea of writing like a parable with a deal of wisdom to inform and also entertain !
Thanks . Ray

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Alem Hailu G/Kristos

Mon 26th Dec 2016 12:42

Thank you Sir for the feedback and getting the gist!

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Mon 26th Dec 2016 07:29

Really well put together...a proper story, with meaning too.Jeff..

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