Bye Bye Santa

On behalf of a grown up child.

To my Santa with love,

Thank you Santa for all the gifts

You gave me till today

As I have grown my wishes have changed

I seek from you desperately some wishes Devine,

Peace in the world and hope for mankind,

A love filled life with my mom and dad,

And all my friends in the world,

Grant us power and good sense,

To forgive our friends and foes,

Grant us power to always unite,

Let us face our friends and foes,

With a welcome attitude of compromise,

Otherwise there is no end to fight,

See you Santa, next year,

With your puffed up bag,

For the time being I need this much,

Bye –Bye Santa merry -Christmas

◄ Love


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Dec 2016 18:01

It has been said that "hell is other people". But then why
can't that define heaven? It seems that each generation
is sentenced to repeat the greed and folly of its
predecessor, finding ongoing excuses for disputes with
fellow humanity, even more so perhaps as "emerging"
nations discover their influence and ambitions, fed by
an increasingly intrusive global media that can find its way
into the meanest dwelling anywhere in this world now.
Christmas remains the best known & most widely enjoyed
festival, for its message of the saving of humanity and
good will that it sends everywhere. Let us enjoy its
positive meaning and its joy while we hope for better
to come in the still unfolding tale of human history.

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