The Wait

Yesterday I caught a glimpse

Of my fate, momentarily in the 

Embers of a dying flame that

Burned out and left - the wait


Hawk-heavy and hungry-eyed, it

Hovers; too close for comfort,

Ready to swoop, but not caring to,

Merely preferring to - wait


The devil is not knowing. An 

Obsessive companion, it stalks

One pace away, lurking in shadows.

Nuisance caller - the wait


Who? What? Why? When? How?

These are the big questions, star

Turns in an unsolved mystery that

I am forced to watch - and wait


All poker-faced control, it

Holds the ace cards. The hand

Of fate holding the answers

To questions about - the wait


So it goes on, dragging time,

Repeating itself, adding layers,

Building up, controlling; trapped

And slowly tortured by - the wait


In time, the cruel hostage taker

And I converse, on first name

Terms; closer yet still distant,

...But always there - the wait


There is no rest. Night never

Comes; the all day vigil leaves

The same questions, plus fresh

Doubts introduced by - the wait


As such, I am forced to endure

The painful spectacle of my own

Demise; it is out of my hands; I

Eat, drink and think - the wait


There is no release. The wait

Will not surrender what it

Knows. The price of peace is

A bargain made with patience

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Paul Waring

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 22:50

Thank you so much Andy, LCPTB, Trevor and David for such positive, eloquent feedback! This is only the second piece I've posted, having hesitated for so many years to show my work.
Andy, I'm so pleased you liked the construction and will keep in mind what you say about a sequence.
LCPTB, you are right, I was trying to depict frustration....of short- and long-term longing.
Trevor - yes, exactly, the pressure of time passing...In my mind I perceived the wait to become synonymous with weight.
David, great DT quote and thoughtful words about being mindful and making the most of it all!
Thanks again, you have encouraged me more than you might realise! Paul

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Trevor Alexander

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 10:55

I like the way this seems to build, with the pressure of time passing. Great write.

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AM Cash

Thu 22nd Dec 2016 10:47

Dear Paul,
I have read this poem several times and enjoyed it very much. I like the style and use of uncomplicated words and particularly the clever use of grammar, which is not easy, with tight sentence construction. I hope it is part of a sequence of poems and would encourage you do that.

Best wishes Andy

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