Sometimes they weave the open road but now

these urban contenders descend like pigeons

one first, then another

nussle up jostle for space

in marked off areas away from the rest


with impossible engines like dragon's teeth

hot from the chase, pulverising air

bonding against other worlds

they draw admiring glances

in their bloated suits

crustaceans of kevlar

streaked with hi viz


zephyrs from the hides of Japan

masters in a master plan.





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Sun 11th Dec 2016 11:17

THanks Suki: Your poem has a very strong image and packs a lot plenty of description and yes, they seem most to have attitude.
I'm not sure about the cyclist/bikers rapport. I've been around long enough to try all modes but I suppose its first come first deserved. "Moloch eye" is excellent for a start. I wrote a poem called Recumbent on the horizontal bike equally scary recently.

Cheers, appreciated.

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suki spangles

Sun 11th Dec 2016 10:06

I wrote a poem on a similar theme last year. I'm with ya man!

Here it is

As Angry As A Pavement Cyclist

he's as angry as a pavement cyclist
because he is a pavement cyclist
his lycra'd bollocks hanging inimitably like
only lycra'd bollocks hang
revolting neon slalom pilot
a face as puce as spam

he's as angry as a pavement cyclist
because he is a pavement cyclist
his recording moloch eye
a protein-fuelled protean spy
pedestrians he can prang
his birthright in a can

his legs, muscular violent toothpaste
the treetops drop-ship pigeons' bubble spaceships
billy the kid rides on oblivious
handlebars sculpted for fists
goggles for piranha fish
eyes like charles bronson in death wish

if you're in the bus queue you must die
pedestrians on pavements learn to fly
traffic lights it seems are always green
cross the road safely? in your dreams
pavement cyclists own everything
and they are always very angry
very angry indeed

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Fri 9th Dec 2016 22:30

Thanks Colin and Tony - the hills are alive! -
I just got the idea when watching three older guys arrive and immediately got talking like old friends and stayed around looking rather lumpy!


Tony Hill

Fri 9th Dec 2016 11:23

Enjoyed this, Ray, especially the closing couplet. Tony

<Deleted User> (13762)

Fri 9th Dec 2016 08:50

alas there is no master plan - just over inflated egos and buttocks astride testicular throbbing engines.

'crustaceans of kevlar' is a great line - except kevlar always reminds me of Robot Wars - that must have protective coating - useless when entering a slippery corner at high speed and encountering a lamp post or tree - the dream over in a trice (holds back from writing LoL)...

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