The desert sun looks up at me

with its perfect skin

like a child unsullied by thoughts

and sin


asking for nothing after the main course

of roast and crackling

bleached bones

wrenched accompaniments

all the trimmings.


I have nothing to add

as my spoon of delight

moon curves around the skin

sinking in

and a final soft puff of sweetness

and loss of innocence

pulls me down.




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Thu 8th Dec 2016 16:39

Thanks Stu. There is now a sort of stereo approach with this re the title and the first line; i'm glad you took it on!


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Stu Buck

Wed 7th Dec 2016 12:41

golly what a fine piece of writing. clever, philosophical and wonderfully open-ended and up for (mis)interpretation

great stuff.

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Wed 7th Dec 2016 12:01

Cheers David - you have now put this old bugger onto the horns of a dilemma and rightly so. It really was a simple dessert and likening it to a sun and the sinking down of the spoon, but as always your perceptive mind has raised the alternative, which actually might be better. I now think "desert" would set another image and expand the two simultaneously, bringing in a deeper meaning. That might be clever. I'll alter it. The idea of innocence lost must have affected you in your travels many times.

Thanks mate, hope to meet up !

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