World Hot Dog Eating Championship 2007

Fast out of the traps,

Joey Chestnut led for America

with Takeru Kobayashi

thundering alongside for Japan.


Kobayashi, the six time winner

had been hot favourite

until Arthritic Jaw and

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

set him back.


'Jaws' Chestnut sprung

a pre-race surprise

by beating the dog munching

record with a dazzling 59.5.


With the also rans dropping back

the contenders matched

each other dog for dog

until the home straight.


With the twelve minute tape in sight

the Chestnut laid his claim

to the mustard belt

with a dogged chomp.


The yellow six timer

blanched on the finish line.

The sixtieth dog went in

only to jump straight back out

along with three of his mates.


God Bless America on

independence day.

The glorious Chestnut

takes the mustard

with sixty dogs down.

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Kevin Connolly

Thu 20th Dec 2007 21:45

Another competition gem, Malcolm.
It's just as well it wasn't South Korea, or they'd be chawing on another sort of dog entirely.
Eating competitions rock! Although the world pie-eating championship is now based on how quick the contestants can eat one pie, instead of how many they can eat (PC gone mad).
Why do I keep thinking of Sergeant Bilko??

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clarissa mckone

Wed 12th Dec 2007 17:03

well it had to be in this is funny. thanks for the funny

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