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Silhouettes glide slowly

under ice.

Golden slithers

in a silver haze.


Signs of life

amid frozen winter



Hints of pleasure

yet to come.


Now is a beauty

all its own.


pure and white.


Crisp blanket over

every part. Hiding

weed and plant and slab.


Crystal spikes

from gutter gleam.

Twinkling blue

and red and green.


Pale yolk

of winter sun,

glitters through

the daggered rain.


Frail arachnid filigree,

links gutter

washing line

and tree.


Feline footprints

deeply trace,

live shivers through

this frozen place.

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<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 19th Dec 2007 17:25

Well written winter poem, sounds like in Canada...Cold icicles hanging from the roof too and the prints in the snow too...Smile... Loved you cute muse...Zuzanna

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