Yours was the face, the last

piece of a jigsaw

a gap filled, to quell

a nagging disquiet

that reigned my spirit in


but I knew you would come

to fill that gap

so that blood could flow with a joy.

And in the strange recognition


there was no need of words

thoughts already sensed

a dream recommenced.


Call me a fool if you must

but in that face I trust.






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Wed 13th Jul 2016 19:42

Thanks for your considered thoughts elP. In this area it is hard to define senses and feelings in any cogent way. I think a sense of shared identity might be close to what I'm implying, however that remains just an intuitive point. Can trust really be trusted ? Only again intuitively; my word "face" really should be a whole person with all they represent. One thought is one can recognize oneself in a person subconsciously and identify with it. An ocean of thoughts !

Appreciate your attention. Ray


Wed 13th Jul 2016 01:44

An idea that is probably widely felt, but somewhat hard to relate. There are times it's true..the recognition we feel for a "stranger" is inexplicable..but, I believe these "connections" to be no less manifest than some others that have been somewhat developed in the physical. I realize that it sounds all terribly esoteric, but that seems to be the crux of the possible rejection in the final stanza.


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