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If  (....hardly original but eh!)


With due acknowledgement to Darren Thomas who would probably prefer to disown it.


If pigs get swine flu

Do sailors get brine flu

Do egotists get mine flu

Do cokeheads get line flu

If Geordies get Tyne flu

Do librarians get fine flu

Do policemen get crime flu

And binmen get grime flu

If tangents get sine flu

Do dusters get shine flu

Do lemons get lime flu

And nickels get dime flu

If slugs and snails get slime flu

Do bellringers get chime flu

Do prisoners get time flu

Do politicians get resign flu

If grapepickers get vine flu

Do the Gods get divine flu

And do poets get

Can’t think of the next rhyme flu?

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Anthony Emmerson

Sat 15th Aug 2009 13:58

Hi dave,
Enjoyed this bit of fun. It's good mental exercise to play with ideas like this. The phrase "swine flu" in itself a contradiction - and perhaps even an oxymoron (pigs flying?) Maybe another idea to play with.

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Val Cook

Wed 12th Aug 2009 16:40

Glaswegians get Auld Lang Syne flue.
Couch Potatoes get recline flue.
Writers get deadline flue
Clock menders get Tick Tock Time flue
Male models get Kelvin Klien flue

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Donna Marie Beck

Wed 12th Aug 2009 14:39

Hello Dave, just answering the comment you sent me. I don't read Shakespear, but i admit i write in an old fashioned way, my grammer isn't great so maybe i try to compensate with that. But thanks for the compliment! Never heard that one before..

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Tue 11th Aug 2009 20:40

Maybe they just get a blocked prose.
Very funny.

Deborah Jordan

Mon 10th Aug 2009 19:55

maybe poets get pine(away) flu
c&w singers - patsy cline flu
ropemakers - twine flu
can't think of any more..sorry, i'll go now and leave your great wee poem alone : )) deb x

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Michèle Vassal

Mon 10th Aug 2009 18:07

There is a vaccine for that last one - free verse

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Steve Regan

Mon 10th Aug 2009 13:42

Ridiculous... but sometimes ridiculous is good, and I realy like the last line.

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