Behold David Lammy

London's Totten-hammy

Seeking hands to raise his meddling mitt;

Rejecting the vote in that test of us

Refusing the right of the rest of us

To show to the world the best of us

By making a proper fist of it.




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M.C. Newberry

Tue 28th Jun 2016 17:15

Harry - if Parliament had the honesty to admit it originally
got it wrong with its original acceptance of the European
Communities Act into British law, it could act to repeal
it (it conflicts with the constitution as things are) - and
then disregard Article 50. But our government(s) and
politicians have been too busy strutting the halls
of European fakery and flummery to be relied upon to act so courageously now that they are faced with
the vote to leave the EU temple of political promises and pension payouts.
This country will go on surviving, despite the currency
speculators and the politicians, and despite the
discomfort felt by both as a result of a democratic

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 28th Jun 2016 16:46

Until (and if) Labour sorts itself out the whole solution is up to a party which has declared itself in favour of Europe
Also no one seems anxious to hurry the thing along, so in the chaos that is likely to ensue in the coming months (or years?) what British citizen and M.P Mr Lammy suggests may even come to pass:...Parliament refusing to move and
-giving it`s reasons - submit itself for re-election again......
Unlikely as it seems (given all politicians lust for power) It
could happen. It depends on how the electorate will feel when - as must happen at last - we begin to be told of the realities.

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