Stories to tell..

Cathy was my friend.

I was twenty.

Cathy was twenty three.

she worked 

at British Home Stores.

On the counter

where lipstick

and smells jostled.

Colours for the nose.

Candy for the eye.


She was pretty.

Very pretty.


We’d meet in 

The pub.

“The Cheese”.

We’d drink. 

We’d get stoned.

And go and 

have sex.

We didn’t 

make love.


And she’d inject 

her heroin.

Which was 

unusual then.

One night 

I said…

“Let me try that”.

She said…


And with a kiss.

“You don’t want this

you don’t want

what it means”.

She had white eyes

And her needles 

Were clean.


I liked drugs.

And heroin

I’d never tested.

And that…

I was Interested.

But she said no.

So we just fucked.

A bit.

Then I went away

for six months.

And when… 

I came back

Cathy had left

For Aberdeen.

With some guy

who worked 

on the rigs.


So I never saw 


The woman who…


Saved my life.

Who knew?

So it wasn’t 

until years later

that I thought



And the magic 

of peoples lives.

I like to listen.

As everyone has

Stories to tell. 











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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 24th Jun 2016 03:15


the great thing about this piece is that it is related so matter of factly, which really helps the reader identify.

It is strangely beautiful in its telling and very very sad, how someone can see their own downfall so obviously, and in doing so can save another who they care about or love from that terrible same fate.

Great piece Phil.


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Phil Kay

Fri 24th Jun 2016 01:39

Absolutely Rachel... you have a story!!!!! Thank you for your comments...

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Fri 24th Jun 2016 01:21

From what I hear, she did save your life..

I had a friend who once warned me off the needle.

I'm so glad for her. I'm so glad for my trust in her, for I've never questioned her advice since.

Thanks, Phil, and

Love to Mindy,


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