Banal Repetition...

What is it


Just before bed

Or intrusion

In your head

Or interrupt

Like a pixel fool

Your football fix


How many?

You don’t remember.


How many goals

Three to two

You’ll never forget

Had a winning bet.

How many

You don’t recall

But you love

That winning goal


I’m just saying

Bodies by the ton..


Blood by the gallon….



They’ve scored again!


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Phil Kay

Mon 20th Jun 2016 16:33

Thanks David... written in haste possibly.. after todays news from Kabul... What...? Its funny that my response was to criticise peoples banal blindness...
When often the blindness is inflicted by media.. my curse is to watch Al Jazeera I guess.
I see that we write much aimed at others lack of response to our beliefs... when we are only trying to apply band aids to our frustrations...
those band aids we buy from the woman in the bazaar along from the Rolex with the numbers that fall off at the first shock.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 20th Jun 2016 16:14


I like the title very much, and the hole piece is great.

Banal repetition is such a dangerous thing, and feeling to have and live with.

Disillusionment, finger in the dyke time. I have come to accept there are many things we cannot change, and that they become banal repetition. One can only hope that those indulging in banal repletion become tired of it, but probably they are too blind to recognise the futility of it.

PS, I love the word banal and enjoy telling as many people as I can that they are it.

Thanks Phil.


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