Clammy Shadows

Clammy Shadows

None of us are immune from these clammy shadows
of ghosts that pursue us from our long, long agos
with drafty whispers teasing our ears at night
leaving as quickly as we are seen to take fright
well gone before any help comes to hand
nothing left for others to grasp and understand

So under the protective tent of covers we go
at least that way our googly eyes will not show
nor our ears be subject to more chillsome words
for ghosts may go through walls but not sheets I've heard
elsewise how could so many wear a sheet as they prowl
with the shape of their grim faces mostly set in a scowl

So carry a sheet if you wish to be safe
to render them powerless while you escape
and maybe they'll be captured in a quick snap
mobiles are so very handy for that
will you get bolder and tie the sheet in a knot
then call the papers to see what you've got...

August 5th 2009


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 6th Aug 2009 20:06

Funny - sucks you in from semi-serious to buffoonery, and quite adeptly too.

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