if you are sad today just remember

that every single movement and thought

you have is painting an indelible,

fantastic picture on the endless

doodle pad of time and space.

so make all your thoughts positive

and all your movements good ones.

use the brightest golden colours

to inform this universe that you are here,

that you are unique and that you love.

let every single burning electron

that you spit out today hit the

cosmic wall in such a way that

someone, somewhere will smile

and count their blessings that

you are alive.

drag yourself upstream, ignore the

great current of weary fire licking

at your ankles and make your

way to the mouth of the great

river of life and once you are there,

scream so loud that each insignificant,

beautiful speck of existence will

sprout timeless silken wings and fly

into the gaping maw of existential bliss.

every now and then we just need to smile

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Vicky R.

Thu 23rd Jun 2016 17:42

Great read. I really liked this. It alludes to creativity in a magnificent way :)

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suki spangles

Wed 22nd Jun 2016 04:35

..into the gaping maw of existential bliss.. That would be a great title for a Spiritualized album, or a Mogwai album. Or a collection of your poetry!

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Laura Taylor

Sun 19th Jun 2016 18:43

Yes, times a million. This is for you, and this is for everyone. Beautiful, and with a spot of darkness there with that last line. Which is only right. We need to always know it's there.

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