'You Should Have been Here Yesterday' by Suki Spangles is Write Out Loud Poem of the Week

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‘You Should Have Been Here Yesterday (Copenhagen Unicorns And Stockholm Starfish)’ by Suki Spangles is the new Write Out Loud Poem of the Week. Suki told us: “Although I have been writing poetry on and off since school days, I only began writing humorous/satirical poetry regularly after I started my poetry site in August 2009. There are around 400 or so poems there now. I would describe my poetry as 21st century humorous verse, or humorous post rock poetry -- whatever you prefer.

“I have absolutely no idea why I started writing poetry, and I have even less idea as to why I haven't stopped!! I don't do live readings, but I have started recording and uploading my poetry for my spoken word YouTube channel that I began only a few months' ago.

“Although I don't currently have a favourite poet or poem, I warmly recommend Brian Turner, who has written two collections of poetry based on his war experiences in Iraq: Here, Bullet, and Phantom Noise. Check them out.

“If I had to take one thing on a desert island it would probably be a solar powered MP3 player; I would go insane without being able to listen to music.”



YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE YESTERDAY (Copenhagen Unicorns And Stockholm Starfish)

by Suki Spangles


You should have been here yesterday

Ten thousand flamingos danced all over the square

A bouquet of jasmine blooms filled the air

Golden geese spiralled a mid-air fanfare

Peace doves gently dropped ribbon boxes of chocolate eclairs


You should have been here yesterday

Billionaires gave away their mansions and wares

Rare paintings

             and rare cars

                       with free aftercare

The wise wizards granted wishes

                       striking snowy lightening air

And bushy-tailed genies offered magic carpet rides free to anywhere


You should have been here yesterday

Fireworks reaching the stars

                                    stunned an amazed crimson dream sky

Airships spiralled lasers of dazzling dancing blue fire

Dolphins rodeo-rode zookeepers through hoops of spinning tyres

Snowboarders flew upside mountains gravity-defying them

                                                                                   and never tiring


You should have been here yesterday

Guitar-playing hyenas serenaded peacocks under ice cream trees

Rabbits on table mats sold honey for sun-bathing bees

A circus of acrobats juggled three ballet-performing fleas

Tortoises ran hundred metre races under ten seconds with ease


You should have been here yesterday

Pandapenguinparrots danced the samba on ice

Polar bear waiters

                 with chop stick carrots

                                    served lemony rice

Jam-hamsters razzing chariots

        baked strawberry pizzas and pies

And meerkats whisked chips well mushy

        and deep-fizzy-fried


Albatrosses jammed on ukuleles

Stockholm Starfish skydived with parachutes of bay leaves

     delivering azaleas



Nightingales swooped above a swooning

               Pygmalion and Aphrodite


As alien shaman

         Whirled to mermaids' songs

                        Copenhagen Unicorns

                                   On golden orbs soaring

                                           Were airborne


Raucous minotaurs joined in warbling

From the dinosaur superstore we were all cheering applauding

I'll shut up now I'm getting boring




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Monica Winter

Sat 4th Jun 2016 13:08

A wonderful creation, Suki. I wasn't bored at all. Lovely rhythm.

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steve pottinger

Tue 31st May 2016 09:06

I've read and re-read this poem, and each and every time its sheer exuberance and imagination put a big grin on my face. A very worthy choice for POTW! Lovely, lovely work, Suki. More, please!!

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Laura Taylor

Mon 30th May 2016 13:14

This is an astonishingly good poem, chockful of the most amazing imagery. Brilliant, nice one Suki!!

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Greg Freeman

Sun 29th May 2016 09:32

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ... and then some! Love the richness of this, and it's eco-utopian vibe. You weren't getting boring at all, Suki ...

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