the escape artist and the man in the mirror.








Take this man wrap him up with morals ideals which form his chains

Bind him up with regrets and pains

That he can’t heal

Steal his love give him something fake

Use him abuse him at your whim

Weigh him down put the weight of the world on his shoulders

Tell him his inadequacies remind him of his faults

Then push him into the sea of tears with a jolt

Now lets see if he can escape!


Who replaced this honest man with this one I see now in the mirror.

He cares a little but not too much,

he clutches at straws

and he tears himself to pieces and draws and smile on his unhappy face

so that he doesn’t get sectioned.

His bad habits need correction

but a fresh direction is hard to find

when bad habits are ingrained into the soul

he hurts from self inflicted spiritual cuts

and when he hears his own voice it tuts.

“You used to be so innocent

an honest man like a saint

but now your heart grows faint

there is no romance in dying a slow death

or suicide”.

He wishes for salvation

but the only one who can give him that

is the one who stares back from the mirror.


One day I did it I escaped

I escaped from the sinking the drowning

I scraped myself out of the handcuffs the chains , healed the pains

the weight of the world fell off my back

shame I had to imagine I was someone else somewhere else

insanity is not just my escape its my life line

how am I?

I am doing fine

I am my own saviour

Ill be ok.








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clarissa mckone

Tue 4th Dec 2007 00:31

In ways I can really understand this poem, at least I hope that I do. I have felt this way. Your right the one that looks back is the only one that can help/ being positive helps to a point, self help books help a bunch and for me it was realizing that family really does for the most part try and be good and that they do love you in their own sick way. Forgiveness is the cure forgive self and everyone else.and apply positive words and thoughts to life. Its not 100% but after applying it for a time it sinks in and really helps. I enjoyed this poem it reminded me of me long ago and in ways reminds me of friends and family. I think it may be a poem many can understand if honest. we are all just children looking for friends and a person that cares. great poem and feelings!

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