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I'd like you to like me

I'd like you to like me

and I'd like you to know,

Id doesn't like me and Superego doesn't know where to go.

I've planned a trip to where the tulips grow -

find a vein, push a plunger, let the psychotropes flow.


I know you don't like me

and we've nowhere to go.

Ego doesn't know what to do and Id has hate to sow.

I'd like you to, I'd like to oblige you to throw

away my hoard, though somehow my stash continues to grow.


I'd like you to like what

I've done and what I know.

Superego's gone cold while lone Ego bears the load.

My vision swims like water beneath that bridge

I'll go for a dip, no one'll know, let current tug and tow.


I'd like you to like me.

We're all too blind to see.

Every member of the unholy trio despises me, I know.

What can I do? I'd like to be amazed by the haze,

die in the high, a death in you I might find, before I hit the low alone.

depressionDrugssurrealisminternal struggle

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