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Do not dismiss Mythology

Do not dismiss Mythology

from any rooted source.


In ancient Greece

(as the story grew apace)

the mighty god Zeus

upon the maiden Mnemosyne

sired nine girls

who became great goddesses -

the famed Nine Muses of Poetry :


Music, Song, Dance

Comedy, Tragedy

Heroes, History

and Astronomy.


The early Greeks well knew that

Energy coupled with Memory

produces Knowledge and Creativity.

All Art celebrates this conjugal bed.


Do not dismiss such pithy tales

that needle modern thought.

Old stories gathered around the World

are puzzles of human wisdom

that share learning through the ages

if we choose to use the insight

that unlocks them.




Cynthia Buell Thomas, March, 2016

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Katy Megan Hughes

Wed 23rd Mar 2016 09:56

Everything is cyclical....indeed....and you make your point really well in the tone of this one, Katy

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 20th Mar 2016 21:44

This one got me thinking again while on holiday.

I once did a lengthy dissertation comparing Milton`s Paradise Lost with Shelly`s Prometheus unbound. (yes, I was that green) I draw an embarrassed veil over the result but the idea of myth has bothered me ever since.

One (dictionary) definition is: `A story that is believed by many people, but that is not true.`

I thought of this definition when a woman on the television declared that she believed in God because deep down in her heart she had to believe that there had to be a place where all the justice and injustice of our world was eventually punished or rewarded.

The truth - or falsity - of this is, of course, not testable on
earth and no one comes back to report on anything post death. In the meantime both justice and injustice go on their usual ways.

I suspect that the power of myth resides in a conviction
that some sort of a desire for a general evening -up is
inherent in human nature. (either supernatural or secular) other words in the power of the word `should`.

This - to me - leaves room for both despairing rage or pius
hope from either side.

I realise Cynthia is talking about the paraphernalia of myth but her last stanza gives room for deeper thought.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 13th Mar 2016 22:32

The essence of all poetry is mythic.

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