I long to gaze upon your rugged beauty
Magnificent as you rise up
From soft flowing valleys
To collide with the clouds
Slate coloured eyes 
Surveying everything beneath you
Dangerously calling me to conquer 

I long to swim in your energy
Caught up in the waves of your emotion
Intoxicated by your ebb and flow
My sanity lost in your cadence 
Throbbing in your tide 
Adrift in the moment as you propel me
Back against the rocks 

I long to lose myself in your radiance
As you hang suspended in a sea of stars
Calling lovers to worship 
Powerless to resist your temptation 
Assaulting my senses with romantic whimsy
Knowing that this soul awakening 
Will soon cease to exist 

I long to climb in your nakedness
Your skin rough against mine as I ascend skywards 
Balancing on sunbeams
A vision caught in stillness 
Stripped of colour 
Waiting to be reborn 
As Spring slowly warms my limbs

I long to watch you break free again
Flower heads bursting through cold cracked earth
Invading my wasteland with exquisite provocation 
Observing from a distance 
A future that could be
Captured in a heartbeat 

I long to feel alive, rekindled, empowered 
I long to smoulder in the flame of your eyes
Drown in a waterfall of passion
Soar like an eagle  released from agony 
Rising in ecstasy  
Knowing my fall will be softy broken
By this 

I          Long          For          Love





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Vicki Ayers

Tue 1st Mar 2016 17:18

Thank you so much everybody for reading & commenting - I'm so glad you enjoyed it :))

Thanks Martin, I am a passionate soul - yet still woefully single .... !! I often think of energy something you can dive into & lose yourself!

LCPTB - it's one of my favourite lines too - thank you

Scarlet - nature & love - what more is there? Thanks!

Jan - I'm so so pleased you liked it - thank you xx

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jan oskar hansen

Tue 1st Mar 2016 12:56

absolutely beautiful a delight to read

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Tue 1st Mar 2016 12:52

This is incredibly beautiful, for its imagery and its truth. I love all of the metaphors and references to nature. My favourite that I have read by you so far. Very nice work.

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Martin Elder

Tue 1st Mar 2016 09:18

Wow there is some powerful phrasing here Vicki and a great metaphor. 'I long to swim in your energy 'I think is my favourite. Can also feel your passion with this. Fab

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