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1.My Garden


Shall I let you into a secret?

I’ve got fairies at the end of my Garden

Yes, it’s true but Shh! Don’t let anyone know

Especially ‘Er next door


They only seem to come out at night

When I’ve had my dinner and a sup or two

I like to go out and watch

The fairies at the end of my garden


They don’t talk, not to me at least

I just watch their graceful, glowing bodies

Flitting to and fro, gently beating their wings

Those beautiful fairies at the end of my garden


And when I decide to sit out

As the gloom of the night envelops me

I stare wistfully from the balcony of my tower block flat

And just wish I had a garden


2.Old pals


We know each other pretty well

You and me

Seems like forever

At least as long as I can remember

We’ve been soul mates

You and me


We aren’t the same

You and me

The things I like

Don’t seem to interest you

And, I suppose, vice-versa

You and me


Sometimes we’re together

You and me

But mostly not

Seem to tread our own paths

Only connect here and there

You and me


We don’t talk very much

You and me

And when I’m asleep

And you’re awake

God knows what you do

You don’t tell me




So when I don’t remember

What I have done

You give me that knowing smile

But when you or I don’t remember

I think we’re in trouble

You and me


Our days are different

You and me

Yours are dark and complex

Mine seem bright and happy

Full of life and fun

Yours and mine


When people look at us

You and me

They wonder just who exactly

They will see today

The dark or the light

You or me


After all, we’re really one and the same

You and me

And when I wake in the morning

I just wish I knew whether

I will be You

Or, I will be Me

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Patricio LG

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:20

P:S you have a wonderful imagination

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Patricio LG

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:20

Your poem is immense, I'm never sure which one I am going to be 'whether it's me or myself' sometimes I just don't like me or what's happening to me and at other times I quite like myself so I laugh and joke all day which brings out the worst in others and drags me out again. :-)

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